Design and Delight is in the Details

Today’s meditation/inspiration is about seeing creative potential in the in-between spaces of technology, user experience and mundane activities.

Every Gmail user is familiar with this menu, which allows you to load images in an email message only when you wish to see them:

Normally, the email message is just a series of blank white squares. But in July of this year, Pizza Express made people want to click that “Display images below” option.


Using a bit of code, they approximated the image file in colors and simple form. The end result delights the recipient, and as a result people willingly click to reveal the advertisement within. Everyone wins!

Well done to the person who noticed that bit of unused, unimportant and ignored blank space, and decided to fill it with a little color. While this is an extremely simple example, if you consider its purpose to be simply bringing joy to the viewer, it represents a larger principle that artists and designers of all stripes can benefit from keeping in mind.

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