A Roundup of Eggcups on Television

You know, sometimes I wonder if I have a funny sense of humor. Because every once in a while, a little moment on TV or in a movie–the way something’s phrased by an actor, a goofy musical trill, a tiny gesture–will tickle me so deeply that I’ll crack myself up for days, laughing to myself whenever it pops into my head.

(For an example, check out how the biscuit flies out of Uncle Dursley’s hand in this clip from the first Harry Potter movie, or the way Bart’s voice cracks at about :05 in this clip from the Simpsons.)

Obviously, in these cases I like to share the moment with as many people as possible, and I generally turn to the internet, where I am often delighted to learn that I’m in pretty good company, and my compatriots are busy making clips and gifs of the very moment in question.

Such was my experience with this clip from the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode “The Good Child” (season 4, episode 18), in which the detective’s reveal hinges on someone having pocketed an egg cup when they were supposed to be hiding in the shadows, murdering someone. It’s impossible to describe in words its sublime humor, so watch it for yourself:

I’ve held onto that little narm gem for years, but it’s not exactly something that comes up in conversation very often. Luckily, eggcups turned out to be a theme of this old Royle Family Christmas episode, which we were watching the other day, and I was able to show off my (relatively) extensive eggcup knowledge:

(skip to 11:35 for the eggcup goodness)

And there you have it; a roundup of the only examples of eggcup-related comedy I’ve seen on television. As I’m sure you’ll agree, I think Jey was pretty impressed with my ability to summon up even a single eggcup-related clip.

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