Global Game Jam 13: Success!


Last weekend, I spent 48 hours working with 6 other people to create a game based on the prompt of “a heartbeat”.

We made YODO (You Only Die Once), a card game that traces the memories of a dying man’s life; gameplay influences each phase of his life, and at the end, the story of the life made by the players is revealed (via iPad).

Miraculously, the game not only came together in that short amount of time, but it’s actually fun to play, and it looks amazing. Even better, our team worked really well together the entire time, despite cumulative sleep deprivation and serious caffeine jitters.

Here’s a video that explains what it’s all about:

I also documented the whole thing as we went: (though you might want to start at the last page/first post, then read backwards). There’s some interesting stuff in there: a look at how we broke down our schedule over the weekend, what it actually takes to write all the possible options for a complicated narrative, and what a prototype iPad app looks like. There’s even a picture of a naked cat.

There are still some very small wrinkles to iron out, but overall we’re rather pleased with ourselves. Hopefully we’ll actually produce and sell a version of this, some day.

One of our creative partners had an idea for an educational game based on Magic: the Gathering, and spent the weekend revising and refining that; we spent a lot of time playtesting it, and even spoke to an economist about some of the real-world elements represented.


Here’s all the info for both games, and some hearty thank you’s to everyone who helped us out:



Thanks to our whole team:
David Aldhouse
Jey Biddulph
Laura Hall
Robert Linnemann
Ryan McCluckie
Mink ette
Paul Vorvick

Thanks to our makers, supporters and ralliers:
Brian Enigma
Dan Hon
Robin Ray
Jane McGonigal
Kiyash Monsef

And thanks to the event organizers and sponsors:
Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad)
The Art Institute of Portland
Games for Change

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