YODO Rides Again at OMSI After Dark: Game On!


YODO (You Only Die Once), the narrative card/board game we created a few months ago for this year’s 48-hour Global Game Jam, had another chance to strut its stuff last week when we were invited to participate in the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) demo table at this month’s OMSI Late Night event.

If you’re not familiar with Portland, OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) has a very fun 21+ monthly event for which they stay open until 10pm and host special exhibitions. It’s always very popular and very crowded, whether they’re featuring Egyptian history with lectures on mummification and hieroglyphics, the fine art of beer brewing, or the Mythbusters traveling exhibit.

This month’s theme was “Game On!” and PIGSquad’s Will Lewis very kindly offered our game a space at their demo table.


To prepare, we refined the gameplay a little bit to make it shorter (and in my opinion, more fun), redid the graphics to bring them closer to a noir style, revised the app to add a scanning element for points scoring and narrative swapping, and rewrote the story parts to make it less utilitarian and more like a detective story.

(I posted a couple of pictures of the process over on the YODO tumblr, if you’re interested in the redesigned graphics and app, and also us staying up very late to get it all done.)


The event at OMSI went really well–four hours of talking about YODO and teaching its rules without a break, a lot of friendly playtesters with experience levels ranging from complete novice to professional game designer, seeing friends and meeting new people, and advocating for indie games-making in Portland. Many thanks to Will Lewis and PIGSquad for making it possible.

We learned a lot from revisiting YODO, and especially from seeing so many more people play it. So while YODO’s back in the box for now, we’re looking forward to developing some potentially interesting stuff in the future.

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