Halloween 2013


We (and our friends) ended up making a bunch of stuff for Halloween this year: Moonrise Kingdom costumes for us, a Pacific Rim kaiju costume for a friend’s baby, and an illuminated alien invasion scene for our side yard.

Robin and I sewed a cute kaiju costume for Calvin, inspired by Knifehead from Pacific Rim.




For the side yard, Dave crafted an incredible light-up UFO (and gourd alien), and Jey made 50 LED balloons. It was a big hit with the trick-or-treaters, although it was a quieter year than normal despite the temperate weather.



And I sewed a pink dress and helped assemble the parts for Jey’s costume, so that we could be the kids from Moonrise Kingdom.


We didn’t have much time, but it all came together in the end…just in time for two surprise visits from friends bent on terrorizing us on Halloween night: the first by rattling the front door and ambling around in the yard dressed as an anonymous but obviously adult gorilla, and the second by dancing outside of our living room window wearing two giant cartoon cat heads.

photo 1

I love Halloween.