Speaking at IndieCade East 2015

This Valentine’s Day weekend, I delivered a talk at IndieCade East titled “Environmental Storytelling and Real-Life Escape the Room Games”. I described the principles that went into our design choices, and discussed some of our creative processes: for example, the use of world-building as a way to guide puzzle design, or the importance of having every object in the room be diegetic and make sense in the context of the environment.

IMG_1954 2

I’m not an experienced public speaker, so it was great to be able to talk about the art of making, to a receptive community of like-minded people. I loved all of the talks I saw, and all of the games on display. Plus, I was able to deliver in person the last IndieCade Award cube, which I’ve been holding onto since last October.

IndieCade East is a great conference, and I’m looking forward to attending again next year. Thanks to Clara Fernandez-Vara, Matthew Weise and all of the rest of the IndieCade team who helped make this wonderful event happen!


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