Ludum Dare 2015: Dysforgiveness

My friend Seanna Musgrave and I spent the weekend of Ludum Dare working on Dysforgiveness, a game about physical intimacy and body expression, and it was a really fun time.

The theme of this year’s Ludum Dare was “an unconventional weapon”. We decided pretty quickly that we wanted to make something 1) about feelings and intimacy, 2) personally expressive, 3) visually appealing/containing spectacle of some kind, and 4) easy to understand just from seeing it. It took a bit of brainstorming and tabling of ideas, but we finally settled on the concept, and Dysforgiveness was born.

Here’s the official text:

Dysforgiveness is an analog game about changing your body through physical, intimate collaboration with friends.

Players wear Velcro-attached cards representing various body parts, and must consensually negotiate the transfer of these cards to another player’s body, before shifting the cards by bodily embracing, pressing, or any other hands-free method of movement. Each person’s goal is to get as close to their own ideal body as possible, and to help their friends get their ideal bodies, too.

Download a PDF with detailed setup and gameplay instructions (right-click and save file to your computer).

Also, Dysforgiveness will also be a part of the IndieCade Showcase at this year’s E3. Come say hello if you’re attending!

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