Mystery Hunt 2016 – Death & Mayhem


The PDX branch of Death and Mayhem (Death From Above + Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, now one terrifying amalgamation) deep into MIT Mystery Hunt 2016.

Last year Death and Mayhem got second place, which frankly is the real winning–since first place winners are responsible for making the weekend-long puzzle hunt for the next year.

These pictures show the Portland contingent of Death and Mayhem at approximately 2:30 AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning, working on Some Assembly Required (SAR).

These pieces of paper went from flat shapes to 3D objects. Those were combined, by matching the pink parts, into cuboid shapes like the ones on the cover of Godel, Escher, Bach, which show three letters when light is shined from three directions.

The 3 letters from each shape said to form one giant cube, which then gave the final answer, in the grey shapes on the outward faces of the cube. It took about…4-5 hours? At least. And we didn’t even finish it, haha.

Oh, the team came in third, too!

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