Lady Delaney’s Letters from Dead People

Last year, I signed up for an intriguing murder-mystery-by-mail from the New Orleans-based Lady Delaney, writer and miniaturist. So when she recently announced a new by-mail subscription service, “Letters From Dead People”, I bought a subscription immediately.

Each month, another letter arrives, along with supporting documents, about notorious 1920s psychic Mina Bird. I won’t reveal anything else about the first month’s mailing, except to say I’m very excited about learning more about the story.

I wrote a bit about why I love ephemera-based narrative here, and it’s something that I continue to explore in my own creative work.

If you want to receive your own set of “Letters From Dead People”, you can sign up here for a one month, three month, or 12 month subscription. I’ll keep posting updates as I learn more about this adventure, here and on Twitter, so follow along for more of the fun.

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