PIGSquad Halloween Fundraiser Success!

I’m so tired and proud after the PIGSquad Halloween fundraising stream. It was so much fun! In the end, we raised over $1,000 and streamed for 14.5 hours. It was the first time we’ve ever done something like this and it was a great success.

We started off with a great session at 9am, playing Detention with Courtney Stanton, Darius Kazemi, and Liz Reyerson, with me and Josh Boykin hosting. Detention, set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law, is a game I’ve heard many recommendations for, and one which sorta shifts midway through to become really personal and political, so I’m very glad we played it all the way through.

Then we played the recently-released A Mortician’s Tale with Hagen Deloss and Kara Sowles and had a really interesting convo about death culture and positivity, until we broke the game by playing too much with bones. Then we switched to Year Walk, which we played through to the end. Someone in the stream commented that this sort of chill spoopy thing was exactly their aesthetic, which, same.

After that, Josh had to head out, and Will and I played Haunt the House, a game that demands you scare people by inhabiting parts of scenery, with tons of cute animations. Will was dressed as the Ultimate Bee, a nightmarish but hilarious combination of bee costumes from Goodwill, including one for a dog and one for a baby.

Next, Steve Gaynor and Nina Freeman joined me to play the PS2 classic Fatal Frame, where you steal the souls of attacking ghosts by snapping photos of them with a spectral camera. During this session we got to $666 in donations, which unlocked a raffle for an awesome Waluigi Oujia boards, donated by Marlowe Dobbs and Nyssa Oru.

After that, Emmett Butler and I played Tattletail, Ben Esposito’s stressful game about possessed Furbys, plus its new DLC. I was starting to really feel the 10.5 hours of streaming at this point so it was extra jumpscare-y for me. We wrapped it up with a little bit of Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion, but for some reason the game barefly gave us any jump scares…alas.

Last but not least, Jessica Outlaw came by to check out Sisters, the short scary VR experience, and A Chair in a Room, an early VR atmospheric horror that unfortunately showed its age a bit. Still, it was a lot of fun, and we got up to $900 while we were playing.

Finally, I was joined by the amazing crew of volunteers who were helping out the entire time: Jey Biddulph, Dylan Bennett, Michael Hill, and Leeya “ColdCupofT” Eskinazi on moderation. We rounded out the night by playing the perfect Halloween game, Costume Quest, and our generous supporters got us up to $1000 right around midnight.

At a grand total of 14.5 hours, it couldn’t have been more fun, or gone smoother! I’m still beat though, haha.

Thanks to all of PIGSquad, including Will, Corey Warning, Sandra Lanz, and Bryan Wasetis. Sandra did an amazing job setting up the streaming space in the WILD office which made running an event like this, using all that equipment and lighting, much, much easier.

Jey, Dylan, and Michael put in a ton of work to get us set up and ready to roll, with everything from the tech and testing, to Michael’s hardware, to Jey’s adorable animated transitions, to Dylan’s collection of Steam keys.

PIGSquad member Barret Thomson made the gorgeous overlays, backgrounds, and Halloween-themed piggies that gave the stream such a distinctive look.

We had a helping hand from the Oregon Story Board who let us borrow their bright orange couch, and from Yori Kvitchko who helped transport it. PIGSquad member Brendan McCracken lent us his PS2.

We also got a ton of support from lots of streamers who hosted our channel, lots of people on Twitter who helped spread the word about the event, and of course everyone who tuned in! We even ended up on the Twitch front page toward the end of the evening.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of every single one of the people listed here and I’m so, so grateful. Everyone put in a TON of work to make this happen, on an entirely volunteer basis, just because they believe so much in the mission of this organization. It was amazing to watch it all come together on the day–it could not have gone more smoothly–and I’m so proud of everyone. Congratulations, and thank you all.


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