Laura has authored two books: Katamari Damacy for Boss Fight Books, and Planning Your Escape: Strategy Secrets to Make You an Escape Room Superstar for Simon & Schuster’s Tiller Press.

Planning Your Escape: Strategy Secrets to Make You an Escape Room Superstar by L.E. Hall

Simon & Schuster

ISBN13: 9781982140342

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Planning Your Escape is also available for purchase in Japanese from Group SNE.

Katamari Damacy by L.E. Hall

Boss Fight Books

ISBN 13: 978-1-940535-17-3

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Chances are you’ve heard of escape rooms, whether you’ve been invited to one for a birthday party, gone for a corporate team-building exercise, or seen them in an episode of your favorite TV show. But whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned regular, there’s always the chance you’ll get stuck! Luckily, game designer L.E. Hall has all kinds of tips and tricks to make sure you win every time.

In this must-have guide, Hall explores the history of people and play, tracing the threads of immersive entertainment from ancient history to today’s escape rooms. She guides readers through the principles of puzzle design to help you solve anything you’re facing and shows how to analyze your strengths and weaknesses in the face of misdirection. She also covers effective teamwork and communication, how to take hints, common codes and clues, and even how to create your own experience at home.

Featuring interviews with a cast of experts, including other designers, star players and critics, Planning Your Escape will make you the MVP of your escape room crew.

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The universe falls into chaos. The moon and the stars vanish from the night sky. The son of a fickle deity must restore balance to the cosmos… by pushing a sticky ball around and picking up every toothpick, tree, and skyscraper in its path. A plotline this wild could only describe “nah… nah nah nah nah nah nah nah” Katamari Damacy, the irresistible little cult game turned cultural juggernaut.

But the 2004 release of Katamari almost didn’t get the ball rolling. Reviewers worldwide weren’t sure how to classify it and initial sales numbers were low. Those who actually played it, though, were won over by its novel gameplay, goofy surrealism, and catchy soundtrack. Pushed into the mainstream by its passionate fans, Katamari remains one of the best video game examples of pure anarchic fun.

Based on new interviews with Katamari creator Keita Takahashi himself, game designer and writer L. E. Hall explores the unlikely story of the game’s development, its unexpected success, and its lasting cultural impact. Along the way, she uncovers Katamari’s deep roots in Japanese culture, in contemporary art, and in the transformative power of play itself.

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