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Global Game Jam 2015

We built a fun thing for the Global Game Jam this year–a light- and sound-based artful narrative experience. Teammate Rob has written up a detailed and thoughtful summary of the tech behind the experience we built, which used Philips Hue lights and MiLights paired with timed directional audio to evoke sensory reactions, including awareness of place, and movement.

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Making Our Escape


I’ve been on a bit of a media diet lately, because an offline project has been consuming all of my energy for the last 6 months. We’re not quite ready to announce it formally, but we’ve been working on a real life escape the room game for Portland, Oregon, and it should be completed by the end of June. Stay tuned!

September 2014 update: The room is now live! Check out our page and book your tickets now.

Weaving Stories with Coney’s Horas Perditam


I recently participated in Horas Perditam, “an experiment in narrative play” presented by Annette Mees and John Gottschalk of Coney and Ken Eklund of Writerguy, and wrote an interactive fiction piece out of the material that resulted. Continue reading

On Second Life “Ruin Porn”: Exploring Empty Spaces, and Being Interviewed on Marketplace Tech Report

University of Foreign Studies

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of examples of “ruin porn“, a new category of urban architectural photography that depicts the rapidly increasing decaying process of major urban centers like Detroit, Baltimore and Cincinnati. These images inspired a project in which I’ve been taking pictures of abandoned spaces in the virtual world Second Life, which led to me being interviewed on Marketplace on National Public Radio.

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Working on the Canvas Map Project, Part 1

Every summer as a kid, my dad took me and my younger sister to a couple of new US states for a short vacation. After ten years of doing that, plus some school and personal trips, I’d covered 48 states.

Now that Jey’s here, I want him to see all of the amazing vistas and interesting spots around this massive country, so we’ve started doing a fair bit of traveling ourselves. But we ran into a couple of problems: first, what’s the best way to keep the memories of those trips alive in our home, so that we can enjoy them, and share them with others? Second, how can we display our digital photos, and further, still tell a story about where we’ve been and what we’ve seen?

We eventually landed on a solution…

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