Escape the Room, Puzzle Experience, and Immersive Narrative Design

60 Minutes to Escape: Spark of Resistance

An interactive live escape game in Portland, Oregon for eight people. An enigmatic secret agent locks you in a room. Everything in the room is a mystery to be solved or a clue to discover. You and your friends, colleagues or family must use your wits and skills to work together and make your escape. Recipient of a 2015 Golden Lock-In Award. (Photos via Jamie Hale, The Oregonian)

Adidas Uncaged NYC

I designed a pop-up escape room game for an Adidas event in New York City, emphasizing brand identity elements such as speed and teamwork.

Weaving/Dreaming/Exploring at the Portland Art Museum

I created a game “Weaving/Dreaming/Exploring” for an event put on by the Mythos Council, in partnership with Game Education PDX, themed around the “Gods and Heroes” exhibition at the Portland Art Museum; read more.

Satanic Panic at Fantastic Fest
I consulted with Bottleneck Immersive for an escape room at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas during Fantastic Fest 2016, helping develop and unify puzzle and design components for a fun and cohesive player experience. (Images via Nerdist)

RESIDENT EVIL Escape Experience

I designed an escape room experience in partnership with iam8bit in Los Angeles and Capcom for the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, incorporating elements of past and future game environments to surprise players unfamiliar with the games, and delight those who know them intimately. This version of the room ran in October and November 2016. A new version of the room went on tour in early 2017 to six US cities, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Austin, New York City, and Portland.

I have several projects currently in development for late 2017; check back soon for more information.