Game Design

Field/Street Games

Kill Your Grandfather
A time-travel-themed game created with friends and co-workers for the Come Out & Play Festival NYC 2013.

Marionette Soccer
Marionette Soccer is a field game for four players; two players are blindfolded, and their partners must, without speaking, guide them toward a ball, using only hula hoops. Showcased at Come Out & Play NYC and Come Out & Play SF 2015.

Digital-Tabletop Hybrid

YODO (You Only Die Once)
A board/card game with interactive iPad narrative elements, created for the 2013 Global Game Jam.

Cuppa Quest
A proof-of-concept cooperative local multiplayer adventure game for 2-3 players, created during Global Game Jam 2014. These brave adventurers must combine their unique perceptive senses (sight, hearing and touch, respectively) and quest for the components of a most worthy goal: no less than the brewing of the Elixir of Life itself: a cup of tea. Selected as a 2014 IndieCade Finalist.

A dance-based AR-enhanced game for two or more players, created during Global Game Jam 2016.

Text-Based and Interactive Fiction

The Roots That Clutch
An experiment in writing a Twine piece using 20 nodes or less, written in 2015.

A melancholy game about data management, written in 300 words for Twiny Jam 2015.

The Loom Becomes Our Voice
An interactive fiction/essay piece created based on my experience in 2013 with Coney’s Horas Perditam collaborative writing experiment exploring the intersection of ‘physical space, theatre, fiction and digital stories’.

The Manor at Whitby
A Lovecraftian interactive fiction story written in Inform 7 for an interactive fiction contest in 2010.


The Traveler and the Tree
You encounter a strange tree deep in the heart of an ancient forest. Created during Global Game Jam 2018.

The Silence in Room 1258
A self-paced exploration of letters and ephemera collected from rooms in a Golden Age Hollywood hotel after a paranormal incident. Created for Now Play This 2017.

Little Black Dress
An exploration of the body as a play space.

Teenage Dream
A board game remix about being in your 30s.

An experimental sensory solo experience utilizing LED lightbulbs, created during Global Game Jam 2015.


Outside, there are 13 kids in spooky costumes
A Halloween collaboration with Josh Schonstal (Incredible Ape).


A collaborative storytelling game exploring the strange, sentimental, and sometimes wacky artifacts that make a home. Created during Global Game Jam 2019.

Dysforgiveness is an analog game about changing your body through physical, intimate collaboration with friends. Created during Ludum Dare 2015. Featured in the IndieCade Showcase @ E3 2015, and in the Big Games showcase at IndieCade 2015.

Tarotno is a divination card game for up to four players. By manipulating the four essential elements (Meat, Bone, Void, Fluid), players may divine a glimpse of their own fates. Showcased at XOXO Arcade 2016.

For puzzles and escape the room games, please visit here.