60 Minutes to Escape: Spark of Resistance

In 2014, a group of 5 friends and I designed, created and launched “Spark of Resistance”, a real-life escape the room game.


We come from a diverse set of jobs, skillsets and backgrounds, and we wanted to work together to make an immersive, interactive experience full of challenging but fun puzzles. We also wanted to create a fun, exciting thing to do in Portland, Oregon.

In “Spark of Resistance”, 4-8 players work together to uncover clues in a dystopian propaganda office and solve the mystery of a missing agent.


“Spark of Resistance” was featured in The Oregonian in October, along with some of the first-ever images of the room to be shared publicly with the world.

In December 2014, we gave a talk to the Adventure Design Group in San Francisco, discussing our room-making experience and production schedule, and shared behind-the-scenes photos.

In February 2015, we’ll be delivering a talk about “Spark of Resistance” at IndieCade East.


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