The Manor at Whitby

I created this interactive fiction game using Inform for an IF contest in 2010. It was made over several days and–beware!!–it is still pretty buggy. I’m planning to return to it in the future to add a method of skipping ahead if you get stuck (via a bug), and later fully debugging the code–but for now, you can play around with it here. There’s a walkthrough guide hidden below if you’d just like to step through the whole thing.


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Click here for a step by step walkthrough.

Open wardrobe / read note

Open bag / get clothes / wear clothes

Open box / get shoes / wear shoes

Open your valise and get volume / get papers / get letters / get key.

Access the table of contents of the slim volume with “read volume”. Read the book with “consult guide about [topic]”.

Read the papers and letters.

Go west until you are in the Sitting Room

Say yes

Examine grate

Go downstairs to the Kitchen: e / e / e / d / e

Get tinder / get logs / get kindling

Go south to the Pantry

Get flint / get steel / get scrap of paper

Return to the study: n / w / u / w / w / w

Learn how to build a fire:

Put tinder on grate

Put kindling on grate

Put logs on grate

Strike flint with steel

Blow on tinder

Use poker on logs

Your aunt will give you a heavy brass key, which opens the doors to the Library downstairs.

Go down to the Library with e / e / e / d.

When you reach the Foyer, the Butler has some news for you: your uncle has arrived, bringing your missing trunk from the train station. Your uncle is waiting in his office upstairs.

The butler also gives you a letter. Read it with examine envelope / read letter / read clipping.

Go upstairs to your room with u / e / e / e.

Unlock the trunk (you are already holding the small key, which was in the valise). Open the trunk.

Get Occult Rituals from trunk.

Read Occult Rituals.

Your Uncle is waiting in his office to chat. Go there with w / w / w / w / n.

Say yes.

Examine the bead, the coin and the skull.

Your uncle will place a tablet on the desk. Examine it.

Follow your Cousin south to Before the Office, and examine portrait.

Follow your Cousin e / e / n.

You wake up, in the Office again. You don’t yet have a key for your Cousin’s Bedroom, but you DO have a key to the Library, so let’s go there with s / e / d / w.

examine the canvas / get scrap

examine sketches

open toolbox / get key

Now you have the key for your Cousin’s Bedroom. Return there with e / u / e / n

Open panel

Get scrap / read child’s book

Try opening the lockbox with “open lockbox”. It tells you to “enter combination XXXXX”.

Find the combination digits by examining each painting in the corridor, from east to west:

Before A Sitting Room: a portrait of two relatives (the digit is 2)

Before the Office: the missing portrait of your cousin, with seven daubs of paint (the digit is 7)

Atop the Staircase: a portrait of a pilot, holding up two fingers (the digit is 2)

Before A Bedroom: a ship’s captain, with a sextant (the digit is 6)

Corridor: a woman with three wax seals (the digit is 3)

So to open the lockbox, type “enter combination 27263”.

Examine lockbox / get diary / get key

Read diary

After exiting the room (s), your aunt hands you a ring and asks you to wear it. Put it on with “wear ring”.

Follow the ‘heartbeat’ to the office with w / w / n.

unlock drawer / open drawer / get coil

Return to the Sitting Room with s / w / w.

Examine bible / get scrap

Now you have a map. Examine map to see that there’s something odd behind or below the Pantry.

You can also converse with your aunt and uncle while in the Sitting Room with “ask aunt/uncle about [topic]”.

Return to the Pantry with e / e / e / d / e / s.

There is a crack in the floor here. Examine crack to reveal that it’s actually a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor, and you find yourself on the Back Stairs. Go down.

You see a pillar with a space for a fire beneath it. Get tinder / get kindling / get logs / get poker.

Repeat the steps you learned earlier, with your aunt:

Put tinder on grate

Put kindling on grate

Put logs on grate

Strike flint with steel

Blow on tinder

Use poker on logs

The light from the fire reveals a hole in the center of the pillar. Put the stone on the pillar. The chipped place throbs — put ring on stone.


Get knife / cut self.

An alternate ending may be reached if you do not put the ring on the stone, or make the fire in the wrong order.