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IndieCade 2015

Lots of fun in LA this year with lovely people! I sat on a panel about analogue games with Elizabeth Sampat and Lyndsay Peters, where we did our best Parks & Rec impressions.


Seanna Musgrave and I also put on Dysforgiveness again (it originally ran at the IndieCade booth at E3), as part of the “Big Games” showcase.



Thanks to all of the organizers who work so hard each year to put on such a fun event!

Ludum Dare 2015: Dysforgiveness

My friend Seanna Musgrave and I spent the weekend of Ludum Dare working on Dysforgiveness, a game about physical intimacy and body expression, and it was a really fun time.

The theme of this year’s Ludum Dare was “an unconventional weapon”. We decided pretty quickly that we wanted to make something 1) about feelings and intimacy, 2) personally expressive, 3) visually appealing/containing spectacle of some kind, and 4) easy to understand just from seeing it. It took a bit of brainstorming and tabling of ideas, but we finally settled on the concept, and Dysforgiveness was born.

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Two Big Things

Two of our projects have recently had some great successes!

Our Global Game Jam game Cuppa Quest is a Finalist in this year’s IndieCade festival, and this past weekend we ran the first paid sessions of Spark of Resistance, our real-life escape the room game.

You can find more info about Cuppa Quest here (and the post I wrote about our GGJ2014 weekend here), and visit the Spark of Resistance site here. (If you’d like more info on escape the room games, I wrote a post of tips for new players and teams.)

I’m looking forward to posting a lengthy writeup of the Spark of Resistance/escape room game design, iteration and construction processes, but for now, I mostly need sleep.